Ponto De Queda De Energia

On the emergency bilge pump and one of many fire pumps, referred to in sub-paragraph (a) and at the starting place of their motors. Você pode baixar sua imagem novamente gratuitamente a qualquer momento, em qualquer tamanho. Tente novamente mais tarde, ou procure perto de uma cidade, lugar ou endereço.

Pt Em alternativa, no caso dos reservatórios que possuem um revestimento específico que indica que reservatório foi largado em queda, aplicar-se-á a metade dos valores de altura de queda e da energia potencial descritas nas alíneas a) a c) do ponto, ou seja 0,9 m em vez de 1,8 m, 0,3 m em vez de 0,6 m e 244 J em vez de 488 J.

En2 The emergency supply of electric power may be either an accumulator battery capable of complying with the requirements of subparagraph5, without being recharged or suffering an excessive voltage drop, or a generator, capable of complying with the requirements of paragraph5, driven by internal combustion sort of machinery with an unbiased supply of gas having a flashpoint of not lower than 43 oC, with automatic beginning preparations for brand new ships and authorized beginning preparations for existing ships, and supplied with a transitional supply of emergency electrical power according to paragraph6, until, within the case of latest class Ca nd D ships of less than 24 metres in size a suitably situated independent battery arrangement is offered for that specific shopper for the time period required for these laws.

En6 The transitional source of emergency electrical energy required by paragraph2 shall consist of an accumulator battery suitably positioned for the use in an emergency which shall function storage heater repairs without recharging or struggling an extreme voltage drop for half an hour.

Nos navios de comprimento igual ou superior a seventy five m, esse meio consistirá numa bomba de incêndio de emergência fixa e de accionamento independente. In vessels of seventy five m in size and over this various means shall be a hard and fast emergency fire pump independently pushed.

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